Who is Old T Dave?

Well, old is a word that means different things to different folks. I once thought my boss was old as dirt when he turned 40! But, I was in my twenties back then. I just put old in front of “t dave” because that’s how I feel sometimes and I have just turned 60 years old in 2011.

My wife passed away in April of 2011, so I am all alone now and thought I needed a site to place my thoughts and creations. I love to learn new things and I am currently trying to learn all about animations. You will only find interesting and thought provoking things here. Well, things that make me think anyways.

Check out the videos and see what you think and you can contact me easily from My Contact page. I live in Anderson, SC of the USA, and yes, I have been told I have that southern drawl. I hope you will find something interesting here, and if you do, please comment. Or, ask a question.


“If you follow the crowd, you will go no further than the crowd. But if you walk alone, and find your own way, you will likely find yourself in places no one has ever been before.”

~Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Theoretical Physicist


Can you see the woman?


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Discovered and Forgotten

I received an email from a lady a few weeks back. She said she was enjoying “discovering me” from this site with reading my posts and watching the videos. That’s the first time I had ever heard that phrase, and I liked it, and told her so. She told me she even liked the Perfect Woman list, and said that she had checked it twice! We talked on the phone one time, and things seemed to go very well.

Shortly after the phone conversation, we set up a meeting for a weekend coffee, and she cancelled a day or two before the meeting, because she said she had an interview down in Charleston, SC, and that she would probably stay in Charleston for the weekend. She also said that she forgot to save my phone number, and could I send it to her. I replied with my number, and wished her good luck on the interview.  I also told her that I had a doctor’s appointment the following Friday, and I had taken the whole day off from work, if she wanted to meet for coffee that day.

Well, that was over two weeks ago, and I haven’t heard a peep from her since. I really hope she made it home OK. I’m guessing that she did, otherwise, some deputies would probably have visited me by now. I really do hope she has found what she was looking for. Sure, I could just call her, but I feel if she was really interested, she would contact me, because I was the last one to make contact.

It’s OK to be forgotten. Hey, I’m 61 years old, so I have been forgotten a bunch of times! Have you ever been looking for something, and then find something else that you had totally forgotten about?

Anyways, I guess I’ll just wait to be discovered again, and maybe do a little discovering myself.:)

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice. Wayne Dyer



I’ll Miss You Rebecca

A long time beautiful friend that I only got to see once a week has gone away. Yes, she has moved away to Florida, and I will miss her very much.

It was nice to have something to look at once a week after working with guys all week!

This is the same girl that I mentioned in another post. Yes, she has a beautiful butt that I enjoyed watching. But there is much more to her than that. She is intelligent and has her head on straight. She recently went through a divorce and I think it may have been a good thing. She is off to create a new life for herself now, and I think she will be very good at it.

We never got to talk much. She was only around for an hour or two once a week, but you can tell a lot about a person after 7 years. I can tell that she has a purpose and she is now off to find out what it is. I know she will excel at it and I wish her the very best at whatever she does.



What do women really want in a man?

I work in a warehouse environment, and a thin lady in her thirties comes in once a week and cleans. Well, this happens often, but this time it got me to thinking. What happens is, while I am working on something and just happen to glance over at the cleaning lady, often times she has her back to me and is bending over to change a trash can liner.

When I see a girl bending over like that, my eyes just laser focus straight to her beautiful butt! Now, I know I am old enough to be her dad, and please don’t call me a dirty old man or a pervert. I never make any advances to women, and I don’t stare.

What this has me thinking about, is why does women’s butts excite me so much? I mean, God designed women and men didn’t he? And wow, he sure did a great job with women! And there must be a reason why women are so attractive to men. I guess the reason was so humans would reproduce. Well it sure did work!

What has me wondering, is do women actually know what their “assets” does to men? I’m guessing they do, since many wear short skirts and tight jeans and slacks.

So, what do women look at?

I asked a girl many years ago what she looked for when she looked at a man. She said the first thing that she looks at are a man’s hands! Wow! I guess I need to keep my nails trimmed huh? Are there other ladies that look for hands too? Or is this girl just one out of a thousand?

I would be really interested in knowing what women look at. If they would really tell the truth! Hey, you can leave an anonymous comment! Hint Hint

Don’t forget to look at my “Perfect Woman” list.

Angel Surprises and Mystifies Me

First, a little history about Angel. We got her about six years ago at a shelter, and she attached to me and the wife very easily. You can see a video of her on her page.

She was easy to house train and I have always known she has a good level of intelligence. She loves to get under covers, and often slept with me and the wife. Usually between the two of us.

She doesn’t like other dogs at all. She will bark relentlessly when another dog enters the yard and will not settle down until the “threat” is gone. For some reason, she never liked my step-son, even after seeing him off and on for several years. I have never understood why. She has warmed up to the wife’s sister and mom. I thought it might be a gender thing, but she didn’t seem to have a problem with Fredia’s nephew.

Well, now that the wife is gone, Angel has to stay by herself during the week, while I am at work. Every morning while I am getting ready, she either goes to the couch, recliner, or to her bed, which is right beside my bed. She knows when I start the shower, that I am most likely leaving, and she tries to look sad. She is always happy to see me when I return, and also very anxious to go outside. I’m sure I would be too. She is very good at not pottying in the house. Fredia has been gone now for almost two years, and I have only had to clean up an accident maybe two times total.

Angel has never been one to play with toys. In the six plus years that I have been with her, I have never seen her play with anything, or chew on anything, or tug on anything. She just doesn’t seem to care about objects. Her idea of play is for me to cover her with a blanket or pillow and to rub her belly:) She loves that!

The Mystery

Today, I was at my computer early in the morning, which is in a home office that was once a bedroom. There is a double bi-fold door closet that is always open. I do not have very much of anything in there. Maybe one empty laptop box, and a laptop bag.

I heard something behind me, and I turned around to see what it was, and there was Angel lying on a blanket that was inside the closet.

So what? Well, that blanket used to be on the recliner, which is in the living room on the other end of the house! It is just a small thin blanket that is more like a throw than a blanket. What mystifies me is how the blanket got to the closet! I know that I haven’t moved it, so Angel must have dragged it to the closet, and made her a bed there! The only thing I have ever seen her do is to rearrange some covers so she  could get under them.

This probably doesn’t surprise most people, but after living with Angel for so long and being used to her habits, this just blows my mind!

Today is my birthday

Yes, I turn 61 today, July 14, 2012.

Where did all the years go? It seems like the years go by much faster when you get older. I wonder why that is.

My wife passed away over a year ago now, and it seems like it was just a short time ago.

When I think back what has transpired since my last birthday, I really have to be grateful for all that has happened. Well, almost all. More on that in a minute.

I made a little extra money promoting a course owned by someone I believe in. That’s the only way I can promote anything. I have to believe in it.

I had some new gutters installed on my house. I thought that was a good investment. I also purchased a new Camry at a very good interest rate, and it has proven to be a great gas saver.

I took action on my interest in animation and started out with a software called Crazy Talk. Then, earlier this year I found a site ran by Eric Moore, and he introduced me to Anime Studio. No more Crazy Talk for me. My first cartoon, made entirely from scratch, is below.

I tried to help someone back in February of this year, and boy was that a bad idea! The person was my former sister-in-law.

She was pretty much homeless, and needed a place to stay. Her family wouldn’t help her, and I can now understand why. She used to have a problem with pills, but I knew that she was doing better with that issue. She does, however, still feel a need to take Tylenol everyday.

She said she would only need a place for two or three weeks, so I agreed to give her a hand. The two or three weeks turned into five months!

The utility bills started going up like wildfire, and this girl eats like a elephant! And anything that comes in a bottle? Anything! Shampoo, cleaner, soap, anything. She uses ALL of it in a day or two!

I finally got tired of all the extra expenses, and told her she had to leave. Her mom agreed, and told her she should leave.

Well, one day, she decides to call a taxi, and then tries to pay the fare with a debit card with no money in the bank, so she ends up in jail.

After a couple of weeks, she gets out, and is now with her mom.

I continue to find things missing, and things broken, such as a big hole in an ironing board! How in this world can an ironing board get a hole in it? And I had 15 or 20 ink pens I had purchased before she arrived…all gone! Even the wind chimes that were on the front porch..gone! I just look at it all as lesson learned.

So,  it’s just me and the dog now. Back to normal.

My focus now is to make next year’s look back allot better!:)



Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.

~Abraham Lincoln 


My first “made from scratch” cartoon!

Wished I lived in this neighborhood:)